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Transparent, reliable and user-friendly marketplace to buy and sell PV components across Europe

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This is sun.store

sun.store is a rapidly expanding online platform, a marketplace dedicated to the photovoltaics industry. The marketplace where installers can buy all the PV equipment they need – modules, inverters and batteries. We combine offers from hundreds of sellers across Europe, so it is easy to search and compare availabilities and prices.

We are transforming the way installers buy solar equipment.

Customer testimonials


"Our experience with sun.store has been positive; it enables us to increase our sales and break into new European markets. It also helps us understand how these markets operate, allowing us to adapt and continue improving in our daily operations."

Miriam, Spanish merchant


"sun.store is a well-developing platform. With a fresh perspective on the e-commerce market and meeting the expectations of sellers, they are quickly gaining popularity in the industry."

Mateusz, Polish merchant


"I wish I had known about you guys earlier. I would have saved significantly on the current project"

Piotr, Polish merchant


"I priced components for the project at my regular supplier and at sun.store - the difference in your favor is significant"

Krzysztof, Polish installer


"Sun.Store is an exceptional online platform for distributors. Its intuitive design makes both product showcasing and finding desired items effortless. Direct communication and secure transactions make this platform a valuable resource for any distributor seeking online success. Highly recommended!"

Jorge - VICO Export Spain


"Sun.Store is a great initiative that shows that digitalization of the PV industry is possible. Lots of deals at good prices."

Marek, Polish entrepreneur


"Very useful price comparison tool, the buying process is simple and efficient. I hope the project will develop to a larger scale."

Cezary, PV buyer


"On sun.store, I quickly found a product not available from local suppliers, the purchase, efficient payment and fast delivery allowed me to make the installation on time."

Zbigniew B., PV installer


"Discovering Sun.Store was like finding a beacon in a complex market. What really stood out for me was the straightforward and efficient process of negotiation and payment on the platform. It's evident that Sun.Store values security and trust, as seen in their adoption of escrow accounts and Stripe for secure payments."

Riley, PV Buyer