How do we verify sellers?

How do we verify sellers?

Our tiered system recognizes sellers who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. From Verified Sellers to Super Sellers, each status represents a different level of engagement and trustworthiness, ensuring a trusted and seamless shopping experience for our buyers. Explore our merchant statuses below to discover sellers who have earned our highest distinction and shop with confidence on sun.store!
Verified Seller:
All sellers registered on sun.store undergo a thorough background check and personal on-boarding process to ensure credibility and trustworthiness
Trusted Seller
Trusted Seller:
Verified Sellers offering Secure Payments
Completed warehouse check
Minimum of 3 successfull transactions on sun.store
Super Seller
Super Seller:
Trusted Sellers with exceptional customer service statistics, including quick response time, low cancelation rate and enabled automated delivery costs
Minimum of 10 successfull transactions on sun.store in the last quarter
*We reserve the right to withdraw badges if the seller breaks the regulations