VARTA element backup 12/S5

Años de garantía10
Capacidad (kWh)13 kWh
Número de fases3
Años de garantía10
Capacidad (kWh)13 kWh
Número de fases3
Detalles del producto
TecnologíaLithium NMC
Nombre de la serieElement

<p>VARTA battery solution with the capability to provide Energy independently through an emergency power function. Storage capacity can be increased to 19 kWh with additional modules.</p><p><strong><u>Further features:</u></strong></p><ul><li><p><u>AC all-in-one system</u></p><p>The VARTA element backup as an AC all-in-one system with integrated battery inverter is perfectly suitable for retrofitting as well as for new installations.</p></li><li><p><u>Communication with PV inverters</u></p><p>With the VARTA element backup a direct communication&nbsp;with different PV inverters without any additional hardware is possible.</p></li><li><p><u>PV yield optimisation</u></p><p>In the webinterface, you can carry out manual settings of the PV yield optimisation in order to prevent yield losses through PV curtailment.</p></li></ul>

Longitud (mm)600 mm
Anchura (mm)500 mm
Altura (mm)1176 mm
Peso (kg)165 kg kg
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