Kostal ENECTOR AC 3.7/11

Detalles del producto
Nombre de la serieENECTOR
Nombre del modeloENECTOR AC 3.7/11
Años de garantía5/2
Potencia máxima de carga (kW)3.7/11 kW
Tensión nominal (V)230/400 V
Toma de cargaType 2
Consumo en modo de espera (W)<1 W
Apto para montaje en exterioresYes
Lenght (mm)165 mm
Anchura (mm)250 mm
Altura (mm)392 mm

Simply practical This speaks for itself Range of functions „ Charging power up to max. 7.4 kW (1 ph) / 11 kW (3 ph) „ Simply plug in and charge (no authorisation required) „ Status information easily readable via LED display „ Easy to install: wired ready for connection, simple mounting „ DC fault current monitoring integrated (only one RCD type A is required for preinstallation) „ 7.5 m permanently connected AC charging cable type 2 „ Outdoor installation possible „ Low standby consumption „ MODBUS RTU for connection of energy meters (e.g. KSEM) „ Optional comfort functions via KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter „ Lock Mode, Solare Pure Mode or Solar Plus Mode possible1 „ Performance displays via the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter web server, KOSTAL Solar Portal and KOSTAL Solar App1 „ Modern design in a compact form „ Future-proof due to compatibility with all vehicles (mode 3 charging according to IEC 61851) „ High KOSTAL quality - Made in Germany „Warranty extension to 5 years thanks to KOSTAL Smart Warranty Simply safe „Welding detection for external charge interruption „ Temperature monitoring Protection against internal overtemperature „ Blackout protection Monitoring of household power demand in combination with a KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter or external energy meter

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